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Admiral Insurance – Car Theft Warning

Leading car insurance provider, Admiral Insurance recently published an on-line article in which they confirmed ‘modern car theft is on the rise

The article found here confirmed that thieves are using high tech gadgets that are easily obtainable to intercept signals from vehicle security systems.

This hi tech approach to car theft enables thieves to make off within 10 seconds and in London alone, almost half of the 21,000 vehicles stolen were taken using these advanced methods of theft.

The gadgets used is readily available locksmith equipment that enables instant access without a key.

With the Association of British Insurers confirming over 500,000 vehicles are written off every year (57 per hour – every hour), cars, motorcycles, vans and motorhomes represent a high value easy target for the thief. Most stolen vehicles are dismantled and their components sold globally to avoid detection.

The argument for some form of Gap Insurance is becoming increasingly compelling. In most cases Gap Insurance can be purchased for less than the cost of mobile phone insurance and can protect the policyholder against substantial financial losses if a write off by damage or theft occurs.



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